Roadmap/improvements to Azure Cards

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Are there any plans to improve the Azure Cards integration with Azure DevOps?

The Jira integration is clearly a bit more complete at this time.
I’d prioritise the missing features as follows:

  1. using Azure DevOps Queries to find the cards to import (similar to the way Jira Filters can be used)
  2. convert Miro card to Azure DevOps work item
  3. inplace editing

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+1 on retrieving items similar to Jira’s JQL

+1 on two-way sync

I would like to see story points come over as part of the import!

+1 on two-way sync!

We'd like to brainstorm on Miro. And import the resulting user stories from Miro to Azure DevOps. 

It would be great if…


  • … the title (and description) of the user story would be transmitted
  • ... Assigned Person would be transferred
  • ... related tasks would be assigned to the user story
  • ... the order of the user stories would also be adopted
  • ... the affiliation of several user stories to a feature would be recognizable.