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The current text box widget allows simple formatting but it is quite limited - I can’t for example have text of different sizes in the same box.  There are many great open source rich text editor widgets available for the web.  I would really find it useful if there was a widget that enabled me to embed a rich text editor right on the page.



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I support this! I’d also be happy with a built-in solution to have fonts of different sizes in one shape or sticky note

Me 2!!!

I consider it essential to have the option for different font size in a sticky note!!

I would love to have this feature! I miss this feature almost every day.

This feature is one of the *biggest* limitations for me in Miro.

I can write detailed notes that are properly formatted in Evernote.

I can organise and associate “notes” in Miro visually.

I want to be able to do both things in one place. It’s ironic that this forum has better text formatting control than Miro does. It’s a feature that I assumed would just be there.

Please implement this feature!