Reference objects (Elements, Groups, Frames) from other boards

  • 9 December 2020
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I want to be able to view objects (singular elements, grouped objects, and frames) from other boards in a board, and have them update as the object is changed in the source board. Ideally, I’d also like to be able to edit them from the board where they are referenced, but viewing is the minimum.

This idea is similar:

but I read it as referencing objects within the same board.


My company uses our own modified version of UML. We have a legend that describes what each element, arrowhead, etc. represents. I would like to be able to display this in all of our UML documents, and have it update if we ever change our standards.


It is not blocking, but having it would make things a lot easier, and I think there are a lot of use cases for it.


Right now, we have to copy the legend into each document where it is used, and remember to copy it over again if it ever changes in any document.

If including a link to a Miro board in a Miro board created a preview frame similar to the Confluence component you provide, that would meet our needs as well, even if it is read only

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My Miro plugin CarbonCopy allows you to do this on one board.

I could build it with the ability to sync across multiple boards however, there are issues. Such functionality in a plugin requires a backend because I can’t use widget meta-data. It leads to a small performance issue onSelect and there are costs incurred of a 3rd party backend.

If you want to discuss it a bit more let me know.