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  • 28 August 2020
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Short Name: Ready Check

User Story: As a Remote Workshop Facilitator who uses Miro, I would like the ability to execute a “ready check” through the Miro user interface in order for me to quickly gain an understanding of which participants are at their computer and ready to move forward on the workshop. Having this information is critical given the nature of remote workshops and corporate cultures which may not include the explicit usage of webcams.

Potential User Benefits:

  • Spend less time asking questions, speaking over one another, and wondering if we should start or wait.
  • Drive engagement with workshop participants.
  • Use this functionality for other forms of quick engagement.
    • Example: Verbally say “How many of you agree with what I just said? Check “ready if you agree” “not ready” if you don’t.

Adjacent Connections:

  • This feature has the potential to tie into existing systems which Miro already has in place and presents a number of growth opportunities for a Ready Check feature in the future. Ideas I have currently include:
    • Integration with the timer system. <Set a 15 minute timer for break, Execute Ready Check when timer completes>.
    • Integration with the voting system. As mentioned in the potential user benefits example, sometimes, facilitators/collaborators just need a quick way to ask a Yes or No question but don’t want to open the floor to 15 hot microphones all at once. Provided the ability to quickly type a question and see results from the remote audience presents a unique opportunity to expand this feature in the future. 

Quick Miro Board Mock-Up for Version 1:


1 reply

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Yeah its a common facility in virtual meeting & training software - Tick-Cross-Faster-Slower-Hand-Up - but it needs to be associated with the person’s name so in the miro UI probably needs attached to the cursor or th e ”who is on the board “+22” will need to be expanded - maybe a new pane?

Its already in zoom’s participants list - so any workshop using zoom has the facility - but full user involvement without another piece of software seems a legit extension of miro - can’t model anything without people being able to communicate well


A work-around?

A ‘Ready’ indicator stop gap is to Create a ‘Ready’ Image on the miro board and ask “Hover cursors on the Ready” - Lots of obvious limitation like if there are 50 people and adding not ready doesn’t get those who are not in attendance  -  but better n nowt