Rapid Sticky Note Creation Using TAB

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Like Mural, where you can rapidly create a new sticky – that is placed next with a shortcut key (Tab).

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Hi @Cary Euwer,

Good news! Now you can create a new sticky note while you're still typing using CMD/CTRL+D or TAB. 


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I just tried it out! Pretty neat!

This is great! (love the way it senses the objects around it too)

HOWEVER, the alternating left-right and then right-left alternating order of new notes on each row does my head in a bit when I need to go back to them. 

Ideally there’d be a command (like shift-tab or cmd-return) where it’d spawn a new note under the one it started on (eg under the note with “I like” in the gif above) and then tab would keep going left-right until you started a new line