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  • 18 November 2020
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As mentioned here:

I feel that Miro is missing a key feature for facilitating workshops. As a facilitator i'd like to enable users to enter their contributions privately (without showing the contents to the group) until the facilitator reveals all of them at once. (Private mode in mural and other tools). 

With the current way of working contributors are likely to be distracted and/or can be influenced by the input of others. In a retrospective it is key that participants can work on their input in a focused and non biased input.


10 replies

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@Jennifer Clark , @Matt Mulholland, @Marina : Do you know if this feature is on the road map already? As describe I feel it is essential at least for the workshops I facilitate and I am sure that I am not alone in this.

Currently leveraging all kind of workarounds like asking participants to use bulk mode and ask them to publish them once the time box expires. This does not help in adoption of the tool as many participants are familiar with other tools that did have this feature. 

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Hey there Floor! 

Maybe @Kate Ivanova has some update on it? 


Kind regards, 


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Hi @Floor Verschure I would love to discover more about the use-case in the interview. Will DM you with the invite to the interview :pray:

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To be honest, I used the “private mode for contributors” today on a mural board (as a guest), and you feel really: It makes a difference not seeing others input on sticky notes during brain writing / ideation. A kind of private mode would be an improvement here.


Private mode is really missing from Miro, at the moment. I wonder when it’s gonna be implemented. It’s really a gaping hole in the user experience. @MiroTeam: Do you have that in your backlog?

I am an avid Mural user and find the Private Mode essential to collaboration.  It enables you to group like ideas without the contributors to be influenced by each other.  Huge missing component in Miro.

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Probably the quickest workaround I have found to date is to use a Miro Lite board as a throwaway “scratchpad”.

You would start by putting a link to Miro Lite ( on the board.

Once users click that link, they will be taken to a Miro Lite board in a new browser tab. From there they can create any objects that Miro Lite offers (Text, Shapes, Sticky Notes, Pen tool).

Once they are done, they can

  1. Ctrl/Cmd+A, Ctrl/Cmd+C to select everything and copy it to their clipboard
  2. switch over to the main Miro board,
  3. and Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste.

More on Miro List here →

Hi @Floor Verschure I would love to discover more about the use-case in the interview. Will DM you with the invite to the interview :pray:

Reigniting this old thread here, wanted to check if we know , this requested popular feature is on the backlog anywhere close to implementation. @Kate Ivanova 




Today 50th vote was casted. It would be really great to prioritise this issue.

For me this is for now the only feature that I lack in miro and therefore I’m still using mural.

I can only support what has been said already - in my daily work this is the main feature missing from Miro at the moment and the reason we still use multiple tools instead of only Miro.