Preferred Navigation Mode Switches Automatically

  • 29 June 2021
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Based on the hardware you are using at the time your controls switch automatically. Opposed to having to switch per board by going through the settings.  

3 replies

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Current State

Here is my experience and understanding of how things currently work. When a user enters a board for the first time, Miro sets the Navigation Mode based upon what input devices it detects. If multiple inputs are detected, some logic is applied - losely it is: touchscreen trumps all, trackpad trumps mouse, mouse is the last resort. This setting is stored in a cookie on the device being used and applies to that device it, not at the user's Miro account profile. 

@Kyle Bardiau - Is your idea to be able to set a Navigation Mode preference on a per-board basis? Or at the user level, e.g., so Miro would always set your Navigation Mode to Mouse, even though a touchscreen may be present? (Which is what I would like as my laptop has a touchscreen, but I never use it.)


Ah! Yeah, I was assuming that sort of logic needed to happen.

The thought came from when I dock in my laptop and use my mouse, to undocking my laptop when a meeting happens and go back to my trackpad. Based on what you said above, it should be switching, maybe my cookies are all messed up? 

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@Kyle Bardiau - I believe that once the cookie is set, it can only be updated manually - Miro then just uses whatever value is present in the cookie. If at any point the cookie is not found, the logic runs and sets cookie. I think you’re cookies are fine.

So, your use case scenarios would be:

Given I have a laptop with a trackpad and I am in Trackpad Navigation Mode, when I dock my laptop and which has a mouse installed, then Miro would switch my Navigation Mode to Mouse.

And then again:

Given I have a laptop with a trackpad and am in Mouse Navigation Mode, when I undock my laptop and have a mouse is no longer present, then Miro would switch my Navigation Mode to Trackpad.

Does that sound right?