Possibility of embedding a part of board - Division of the board into frames

  • 16 April 2020
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I need to be able to embed a specific part of the board on the web page, thanks to which I will be able to divide one board on many topics, or make one part public and hide the other part for my team.


7 replies

A good analog here is when you put a google doc into a miro board, you can see multiple google docs next to each other, and each is visibly readable and up to date, and each can be stepped into natively.


It would be substantially worse if the linked doc was a boilerplate link that didn’t stay up to date.


This would be GREAT for encapsulating work at multiple scopes.


You can link from board to board, but being able to step back and still see up to date details would be a big gain.


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Hi @Lukas , @Steve Koppelman , @Deepan Biswas  and @Anton Telitsyn ,

I added a familiar idea in this thread:



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Hey @Deepan Biswas! Why is it a must-have for you? What is your related use case and current workaround?

I agree that the embed feature should allow to embed single frames. frame level access-control would be nice to have but embedding frames is a Must Have for me

can we not make the following url work.<board_id>/?autoplay=yep&moveToWidget=<widget_id>

This url is similar to the url formed by selecting an object on the board and copying its link as described in

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I would imagine he does the same thing I think everyone has to do when they want to share a frame, even without his additional desire for per-frame access control.

Export the frame as a static image file, open the image file, copy the image, and paste. And completely ignore the mostly-useless embed feature.

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Hey @Lukas 

It is an interesting suggestion. Could you explain your use cases? What is your current workaround for such cases?