"Pocket" - A picture in picture mode to easily distribute PostIts from one frame to another


Have you ever had a big pile of sticky notes, you needed to distribute into clusters on a different board? Going back and forth between boards can be very tedious.

My suggestion: Allow to put a board into a “pocket”. The “pocket” is a small-ish Area in the lower right corner of the screen, where you can move through the board without moving the main view. From there you can grab all the stickies you want without the need to move the board all the time.

Alternative: You get a column on the right, that eats away a bit from the main screen. There you can move the camera autonomously without touching the left side, but you can again move the sticky notes over.

Imagine it a bit like iPad Multitasking but with the ability to move items from one app to another.

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