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I’d like the ability to paste code snippets and have them format according to the language (auto-detected with the option to chose from a drop down)

It’s actually available on here, but not on Miro (at least I haven’t found it yet!

So this:

{   "working_dir": "spps",   "extension": "spp",   "folders": [      "_in",      "_out"   ]}

Would be displayed like this:

{	"working_dir": "spps",	"extension": "spp",	"folders": [		"_in",		"_out"	]}

[edit] Looks like posting broke the formatting. I’d like the code to display clean like it does on stackoverflow:


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Is there already something excisting in miro as here described?

Is there already something excisting in miro as here described?

Not that I’ve come across.


Whenever I paste code (from Python for example) there’s no formatting for line breaks, white spaces, or language detection for syntax highlighting. What I mean by line break formatting is that I’d like the code to be pasted without wrapping the text. It’s a bit nitpicky, but it would be nice if the text box automatically scale to the size of the contents. 

This would be nice to have. Any updates?

This would be nice to have. Any updates?

It’ll be a great feature! @Miro Community Bot 

Need this ‘Code block’!

Copy and pasting code out of Miro is a hassle right now as the formatting of text block copied out of Miro is never the same as what was copied in.


Syntax highlighting would be a very nice bonus!

Agreed - GitHub is great, but sometimes you just need a quick-and-easy place to copy and paste from on the fly

I’d like to second this.

I regularly use Miro to collaborate on technical decisions as well as design and organisational.

This includes reviewing API schemas (often in JSON), and other code snippets.

Syntax highlighting would be fantastic for improving readability.

Real-time collaborative editing of the same code would also be great, but I think a much more complex feature.


// The ability to add a code snippet to text is almost ubiquitous across rich-text editors.



Looking forward to this! Having this capabilities inside the Card elements would be awesome.

Would LOVE this feature. Imagine designing a system on a board, being able to show at a glance a snippet of code would be awesome.

This feature would make it a lot easier to get buy-in from development teams and using Miro more heavily. It’s tedious structuring data here, and it seems like it would probably not be the highest effort to include a basic <pre>-style code block option.

I think having the option to add code blocks would be a great feature on Miro! Already using the flow charts for coding logic! Looking forward to this update :grinning:

I would love this feature!


Must-have, not nice-to-have! 

A code widget with language and style selection is a pretty common thing across other tools. Even this rich-text reply box has it! Please add an “app” for this ASAP! I need it badly.

"code widget"; "needed badly"

Someone wrote one here:

Can this be trusted for enterprise use? It requires access to read boards. Is this made secure on the Miro side somehow or is our content sent “outside”?

@Anna Boyarkina check out: 

This is an absolute must!  It means I will need to use something else (such as confluence) instead of miro.