Overview of sharing settings for all boards

  • 15 September 2021
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I would like to have the possibility to assess, which of my boards is shared with a non-team member. It is quite time consuming if you have many boards and have to check each of them individually to find out who the boards are available to. Thank you!

1 reply

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@michaelmiat - While it is not currently possible to identify these boards directly from the Miro interface, you may be able to use the Miro Developer Platform’s API to identify boards that are open to non-team members.

I emphasize ‘may’ as it depends on whether you are referring to Guest Editor/Anyone with the link access or by directly sharing a board with a non-team member.

Here’s a reply to a post where I talked a little more about this - there is also a link to the Miro Developer Platform documentation of which you could have a developer resource review should you wish to explore this option further: