On-premise server for security purposes.

  • 14 May 2020
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Hi !

Personally, Miro is my favorite collaborative whiteboard solution.

I often use it, and not so long ago... my work ask me why we can’t use your solution ?

Uh.. Problem, cloud is definively prohibed for us and at this time, you're not offering the possibility to install a on-premise Miro server who can be deployed. Many competitor offers this at a higher price and i think many company can pay for that.

I guess your teams must have already thought about it and that it may not be in your main strategy to develop the application in a client/server mode ... but if one day you do, think about me :)

An IT French Fan.

2 replies

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Totally agree, many of my major clients here (think several times 10k people employed) in government will only use 1. on-premise, OR 2. anything hosted along  with the Microsoft suite. Would recommend either strategy if you want to tap into to these types of customers.


would love this! I work for an organization where cloud is an absolute nogo. an on premise solution would be so amazing to have.