Official Miro Spotify playlist

  • 2 July 2021
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@Robert Johnson shared the Miro timer music from Spotify here and @Kate Ivanova also shared a nice playlist which I enjoyed. I was wondering if we could have an official Miro playlist on Spotify.


As part of the playlist maybe throw in a stat around why adding music to workshops is so important. How much more it improves the experience during workshops or pre/post meetings over the ones that don’t play music. This will help people to be conscious about playing music to improve the experience where possible and makes sense to do so.

2 replies

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I put together this unofficial Spotify playlist of Miro Timer Music - well, 5/6 songs :wink:

Miro Timer Music / Song / Artist

  1. Sunshine jam / Downtown / Soul Shifters
  2. Uptempo funk / Business or Pleasure / Avocado Junkie
  3. Smooth groove / Seaside Samba / King Flamingo
  4. Calm flow / ? / ?
  5. Chill beats / Quadricolor / Isaac Joel 
  6. Cosmic vibe / Fading Light / Holiday On The Moon

Spotify playlist

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Calm flow is A Day Without Rain by Stephen Keech:

It doesn’t appear to be on Spotify, so I can’t add it to my playlist.

A big thanks to @Marina for reaching out to her team to find the song :blush: