New timer expiry tone

  • 3 March 2021
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The ring of Miros timer is my personal sound of 2020 😎

Like with Pavlov’s dogs, it does exactly what is expected -- everyone knows the timebox has just closed.

Using it extensively, I think there are some more pleasant and decent sounds for timers out there and I’d love to see some of them in Miro soon. I guess we’re all up for a change.

Anyone who feels me? 😊

6 replies

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@Steffen Oehme -

as it turns out, Miro is currently beta testing some major changes to the timer including the ability to have background music. However, there isn’t the ability to change the timer expiry tone as far as I know. @Kate Ivanova - if the feature enhancement window hasn’t closed yet, this might be an interesting addition…


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Lovely, thanks for sharing, @Kiron Bondale! What do I need to do to join the beta group?

@Kate Ivanova happy to help scouting for some better alternatives 😉

Changing the timer expiry tone or ability to mute it can be really useful. We used it in sessions with 10-15 participants where everyone had 1.5 minutes to share and after the hearing it the 3rd time it gets really annoying to hear it.   Please do something about this @Kiron Bondale  & @Kate Ivanova.

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My +1 for additional timer sounds. I think it might be sufficient to have 3 variants in total.

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Thanks for the new timer with the nice +1/+5 and sounds, @Kate Ivanova! For the expiry tone, things actually got worse now that it even rings, when the timer is stopped ahead of time. So I want to raise this suggestion to change the tone again and want to add: pls don’t ring the timer if manually stopped.

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@Steffen Oehme we changed the logic due to feedback, so it doesn't ring if stopped manually. Hope it works better for you now. :wink: