Need Grid Support in Rest API

  • 25 September 2020
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I would REALLY like to be able to do some very basic operations on a grid widget with the REST API.  In particular, the only thing I need for my application is to be able to list the children in a grid.  I don’t care what cell or row they are in.  I would like this to work like a frame does (frame.children lists the ids).


Currently you can retrieve a grid widget, but it only has type, modifiedAt, modifiedBy, id, createdAt, and createdBy properites.


I understand that there are a wide range of things one might want to do with a grid and adding robust support for them all through the REST API is a challenge, but just accessing the content would be very helpful for me.   I need to update content that has been placed into a grid.  I don’t need to move anything around, but need to be able to update text in some of this content from an external source.


Unfortunately this is currently blocking development of my application.

1 reply

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Absolutely agree with this one. Does anyone have a workaround?