Multiple search terms / criteria / Advanced Search

  • 24 March 2020
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In lager boards the simple search falls short. I would like to be able to sort or find stuff with broader or narrower search than today. I would love to be able to combine multiple search criteria. For example: 
Post-its with tag1 AND tag2 NOT tag3.
Cards OR Post-its with word OR word 


This would be nice both for sorting results of brainstorming. Or finding a specific item.

4 replies

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Hey @KristofferH

It is a great request! Could you elaborate on your use case? If it is convenient, I’d like to chat with you via Zoom.



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The two use cases I had specifically was that we tagd posits with multiple tags/categories eg. novel idea, easy to do, not important. So if I want to find novel ideas that are easy to do I combine the two tags or things that are hard to to but very important I can find them and group them. In large banks of ideas.


The other use case is that we duplicates some post-is to card, so finding the card and not the post-it is useful when you only remember the tag.

This is needed! (Pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top!)

got more detail on a use case here too if you need it.

Would also be super useful to be able to limit search to a selection (afaics this isn’t possible?)