Multiple main window/views

  • 9 November 2020
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I would like to have more than one window of the Miro app open at a time. When having really large canvases, it is hard to scroll back and forth to different areas of a canvas when referencing something. What I end up doing most times is open the Mac app and the same board in Chrome. Then I align the two side by side zoomed into different areas of the same canvas. Tools like Figma allow you to have multiple windows of the app open at one time.

4 replies

I second this, this will be great for multiple monitors, 1 monitor for notes, several monitors for the different part of whiteboard,… => track multiple people drawing at different parts of the whiteboard  :grin: Right now a workaround is to use multiple Browser windows.

Found a work around. If you have the Miro icon in your windows task bar, shift-click it to get another instance of the app.

Any way to do this on the Mac OS?

For MacOS, run this command in your Terminal:

open -n "path/to/"

and just put in the path your!