Multiple Collaborators Using One Device

  • 19 March 2020
  • 1 reply

We have a large interactive whiteboard powered by Android and Shadowsense touch. With the current way that Miro works however, only one person can be drawing with the pen tool at a time on the same device and this is a major disappointment for us. We LOVE Miro and really want to use it in this way! Please add support for multiple people drawing on one device like this as quickly as possible.

Bonus: Different color and thickness per stylus in use & support for stylus vs finger vs another object like an eraser detection which is a major benefit of Shadowsense IR touch, a technology that many interactive whiteboards use.

1 reply

@Alexander Cato, thank you for this thorough description of your use case! Great suggestions, I will pitch them to the team. Meanwhile, let’s see how many votes this wish will get :wink:

And we appreciate your kind words :hugging: