Moving objects set as action

  • 30 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Just like with PowerPoint, it is possible to have an animation fly in or fly out of a frame. Or think of moving after so many seconds? This allows development of games in miro. Also for trainers to not have everything in the frame ready and to pick up.

2 replies

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@annemiek -

There is no native animation support but @mlanders did a prototype using the presentation mode in Miro a couple of days back to show how a rudimentary flipbook animation could be simulated by having progressively different frames placed close together on the board.


Thanks for responding. What do you mean by a prototype? Really building to do it in Miro? Or more of a way to show the effect in Miro using the use of frames and presentation mode?


if it is useful for you, then voting on the idea is very welcome.