Moving nodes in mindmap with a keyboard shortcut

  • 22 January 2021
  • 1 reply

In the opensource Freemind, I don’t have to leave my keyboard to add elements, but also to move them easily in my mindmap: just by using Command+ arrows, I can move them up, down or in different levels in the map, but I can not do it here, and it is a real bummer when you are throwing ideas and reorganizing them, to have to leave the keyboard to use the mouse and so on…to be honest, I won’t switch to Miro for mindmaps until I have that feature...

1 reply

I usually use MindNode, but it is difficult to structure things in Miro because there are no shortcut keys to move nodes.
I'd like to be able to manipulate mindmap while sharing it with everyone online, but the lack of this feature prevents me from moving to Miro.