More export options (JSON, OPML, CSV / Tab-delimited)

  • 19 February 2020
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Underlying Data Structures

  • Either with current tools or with some new frameworks / features that add a bit more firmness while keeping flexibility to use other components around it
    • Examples
      • For example in Whimsical app (Website)
      • JSON export
        • For things like Kanban boards
        • For creation of concept maps, exports that contain the “edges” of concept maps and soft-links
      • OPML export
        • For mind maps
      • CSV / Tab-delimited
        • For mind maps or other semi-structured formats
      • Bonus
        • Exports that include summarization

2 replies

Second this - esp Export to CSV. 

I’ve exported Post-notes - the post-note data transferring to CSV columns is limited to labels added. Some Post notes share two labels and that doesn’t get translated into the right data structure in CSV column. 

Would also be good to translate and group by Postie colours into  respective columns. They are currently all under the first Column.

Would like to be able to filter & use the Data for anlaysis, e.g. Pivot.

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Nice idea. +1