Miro - Trello Implementation - from the miro-site

  • 24 April 2020
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i know the Trello app is part of the app-marketplace but it offers me only a way if I use Trello to open miro inside a Trello task.

I would like to see it the other way:

Because of it’s graphical potential I’m a total fan of Trello - 

I wish the implementation would go this way like I show it in my graphic:


This would give me much more flexibility instead of using the kanban tool.

Or if this is not possible it would be perfect if you can boost up the kanban tool to Trellos potentials.


5 replies

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I would love to see that too ! 

I understand you MIRO wants the user to go to their own Kanban tool, but it’s still worth it.



Oooh I really love this!!!! This would solve a lot of the problems I’m having with Miro and cards which have nowhere near the functionality that Trello has. 

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What I’d like to see is the ability to import Trello cards as task card like we can with Jira. I am also evaluating LucidSpark, and the sales guy told me they’re working on it, so I hope Miro will soon ( as I am leaning towards Miro!)

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@Chris Drumgoole:

From the graphical potential LucidSpark looks with it’s implementation from LucidChart better than miro … miro has to move fast forward to not to loose the race …


Yes PLEASE make this happen?! I cant use Miro for my team until something like this comes to fruition