Miro Screen Saver

  • 21 July 2021
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The Context:

An important part of our job as a corporate industrial designer is sharing with the rest of the company what we are working on. Often when leadership or engineering or marketing etc just walks through our ID space they see printed out sketches, charts, research, etc. When other groups within the company see our work it prompts conversations and opens more opportunities for our ID team to be utilized for projects in the future.


The Problem:

Since working in Miro less of our work is posted up in our physical design space so less organic opportunities are happening. As we are beginning to return to work (covid) this will become more important.


The Wish:

It would be great to have a mode that would showcase recent Miro work for a physical space without having to do a ton of redundant prep work (i.e. printing off miro content). It could be a “screen saver” mode that panned around the screen over our recent content & maybe had a title for what board and a sub-title for what frame it was hovering over. We could then have an up-to-date live feed of our work being presented on a TV in the ID space without having to do a ton of prep work. This could spark more organic opportunities for us once again.



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