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  • 18 April 2021
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Hi community, 

I’m a Phd student and part time teacher at Laval university in Quebec which is looking for a robust and advanced software to gather, visually organize and manage information. A lot of information. This is why I recently subscribe to miro, which I found to be a really powerful tool to visually organize complex information.

The main miro tool I’m using is Mindmap to help me structure my information.  Although, as we can see in many posts about this tool in the forum, its very limitative. So in this post, I decided to wrap up many of the critical features requested by the community and suggest some of mine based on my daily workflow. 

Before miro, I was using the open source software Docear (which stagnates because of a lake of ressources) which has an ‘’advanced’’ mindmap function. Many of their feature appears as crucial to me.



  1. Ability to edit text format of each nodes independently of the Core node  (related post here)
  2.  Ability to develop (fold/unfold) hierarchy tree (related post)


  3. Ability to add markers (icons) at nodes (similar to the link function but with icones) (related post here)


  4. Ability to add specific / detailed notes at nodes (which can be fold) (related post here)
    1. Ability to link an image to a node (which can be folded?)
    2. The last but not the least (I think I will make another post about this more advanced feature), would be to link a node, not to a web hyperlink, but to a file / folder on your computer. Which is extremely helpful to visually organize documents inside your computer (or one of your folder, with subfolders), and have a quick access to it (with this link feature)

Now I’m aware these requests implies a good programming job, but so far I’m confident in miro’s development !


Charles Collin


2 replies

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Might I add to this the ability to format connection lines? It is good to be able to change the colour, but Please also enable us to make lines thicker/thinner/dashed and end/start with arrowheads.  In fact, just give the mind map connection lines the same versatility as normal connection lines please!


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@Charles Collin :

Super !!! I’had in mind to sum up the MindMap wishes.

I add three aspects here:

To use the shape tool for central imaging on a MindMap - even with StickyNotes and all other shapes with its whole formating options:


To add pictures (every Unsplash Picture) as a center option:


Or to add every symbol out of symbol Icon section as center option for MindMaps: