Mindmap have separate nodes join into 1 node at end (see image)

  • 30 August 2020
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Mindmap Nodes Merging at end




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Absolutely. One so often has various topics, that later comes together in one area, whether it is just to re-use knowledge, to implement something that addresses both, etc.

E.g. Having an artists’ community, covering painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery in different branches. But then they combine in a topic where the different classes needs to be scheduled or presented, each with their own unique requirements, (Easels, wheels, etc), or accommodation arrangements.

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I see that this feature is now available.

Thank You Mind Map

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@Glenn Shukster Hi Glenn, thanks for the feedback! We’ve made some improvements to the Mind Map but I’m not sure that they cover this case. Could you share a screenshot/video to show how new improvements helped you?

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Hi Tolya,

I was able to do this diagram now.  I don’t think that was possible before.

Not sure why the lines are dotted, but it would be nice if all lines default to solid.  It is a minor inconvenience to change the line to solid.



Now what would be really great would be versioning (having all board changes saved with the board with the ability to jump between if needed).  

I have subsequently found out that one can achieve this by manually adding the link using the line tool.