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Hey people !

This is more like requests what i’m posting here, but i don’t want to contact directly by mail for these requests.

First :

I’m a student programming and i use a lot of mindmap in my projects organization. I think it could be usefull for programmers like me to include small part of code with a colored synthax like this :

int main(int argc, char **argv)
printf("hello world !");

Second :

I love dark modes and i think they are more and more important for users theses days. I don’t found it so i think there isn’t this feature. I know it’s a ton of work in UI perspective but it’s a really worth of users comfort.



Thank you for reading me and share your opinion about my requests in comment section,

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A way to add code blocks to the board would be extremely useful indeed. Simple markdown or more sophisticated code highlighting and formatting would solve the problem for me.

Hi ! Two features that I also expect a lot ! 
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Hi @jecaudal ,


two good additional features worth voting.

Yes I also would like to see this!


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I’m adding a massive vote for markdown integration. 

I use Miro primarily as a research/development note-taking tool for tech projects. I love how I can so easily pull in images and screenshots and draw arrows etc, but when it comes to actually writing notes I feel like the textbox tool is lacking. 

For example, README pages on github are really important and simple to put together (once you’ve learnt a few tags), but on Miro I feel like this kind of thing would be a but of a nightmare to put together and maintain. 

Anyway big thanks - I love this software, markdown support is probably the only thing that’s not perfect :raised_hands_tone1:



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Don’t care so much about dark mode at the moment - that’s more a nice to have. 

A MUST have is code blocks or markdown support! Please add this soon!

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I’m here for the MD integration.. Fantastic idea random Miro product owner.. Pull it out of the backlog kthx. :)

+1 for markdown!

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Yep - why is MD (as far as it goes) only on the notes side bar and not in cards and just all text boxes

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+1 for markdown and code blocks! :thumbsup::sunglasses:

100+ for markdown support!

+1 for Markdown indeed

Just realized Miro doesn’t offer MD support in the Notes panel (or in general). #sadFace

This would have been the perfect way to create interactive Product Requirements Docs. Guess I’m still stuck with PRDs written in separate documents. Meh

+1 for Markdown 🙏

Really missing the Markdown support!

Agreed. This is a huge missing piece in order to use Miro for architecture/software diagrams.

The omission of code-blocks and markdown is something of a showstopper for me. Markdown looks like the easiest way of providing code-blocks & gives more than just code-blocks. So that’s a vote from me.

Add me to the growing list of users who could greatly benefit from Markdown support in Miro. I would consider this to be basic functionality for such a rich and broad tool as Miro.

Agreed. Where is the markdown support?


I feel like more and more software companies are onboarding onto Miro, and markdown is such a prominent tool used by most modern professionals these days for sharing information. Heck, I use it multiple times a day in slack because I come across the need for it so often.


Big fan of Miro, just really need this feature!

yes, please yes add markdown support.. especially with/inside Cards and sidebar Notes. 

upvoted, cheers. 

+1 for markdown.  It would be such a useful feature!

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+1 MD is definitely necessary! Hopefully, I will be able to see it in the next major iteration! Thanks, Miro team.

+1 for markdown. Hey Miro, if you want to attract and retain the developer community, you should probably gauge the usefulness of this feature soon. Its absence is the #1 reason only use Miro when I absolutely need to. You’d get a 4x usage lift from this sample, yours truly. 

Markdown would be a game-changer for me, as I frequently see opportunities to include code snippets when crafting boards explaining technical concepts!

Yes please I want to use Markdown on Miro

Markdown, yes please.

Markdown vote