Magnify single post-it

  • 22 September 2021
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We spend a lot of time mapping user journeys, which involves hundreds of post-its on very large boards, grouped into different areas. So there is a lot of zooming in and out of different areas of the board. because the boards get so big relative to individual post -its you cannot read each post-it in an area. it would be great to have a feature that would magnify an individual post-it without zooming in and then out again.:mag: >This would be especially useful when sharing a screen within a teams meeting so all the participants can see it, regardless of the size of their device

1 reply

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@Claire S :

A cool idea that needs to be supportet - therefore I voted for it - You shoul also do so, because of the higher ranking - as long as this feature is not implemented you can work with the search function: