Lockable layers

  • 20 May 2020
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I note that Miro does not support layers.


In most professional design/layout softwares, layers are not only used for visibility front/back relationships but locking and many other features that I won’t list here.


Yes, you can manually “lock” and “unlock” in Miro, but this is exceedingly cumbersome and annoying when you have lots of elements. If you don’t lock things, then you or others can easily drag them all over the place.


It would be highly beneficial to have layers that not only are used for visiblity but also for locking.

4 replies

I added this, as a stop gap please upvote it if you like it:

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Locking for participants, but not for the board owner is the most crucial need of all feature requests in my opinion. I spend so much wasted time locking objects, I would say 20% of my preparation time for larger workshops is spent on pre cautioning this. Such a waste.

I would add a feature to the layer list - to be able to make the layers hidden for the users, but visible for the board owner. I often paste the next frame in, using a 2nd board as the “back end board” for my workshops. If I could just have everything in one board, but open up layers as I go to the participants, that would be swell. 

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This request is similar to the one I made earlier: - agree @Gavin ?

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@Johan Yes, your request is more-or-less the same thing as what I’m suggesting!