Linux Desktop App

  • 30 September 2020
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Is that on some short-mid term plan?

9 replies

Especially in IT companies Linux Desktop environments are quite common.


I have an educated guess that you already track what Operating System your customers are using.


Yet it’s weird to get a hint to install a App, but it’s not existing for Linux.



Devops from 30+K company - it’s extremely easy to have app for Linux, Win and ever MacOS simultaneously or this is a sign.

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Linux app, native, would be very useful. The browser experience is always impaired, laggy, choppy. Not nice in short. A native application would benefit from everything that Linux gives. I don’t consider applications like Slack native, it is just a web browser forced to do what it is not intended to do and wrapped up with limiting technology (Electron). This is not the way native Miro should be done.

I’d love download the desktop version for linux, but i can’t found. Someone knows where i can get it?


What about this one? 

I could think this is the unofficial for Linux, but it is like  a embedded web page.


Wen Linux app?


Yep. I agree on that. It is not the same user experience. You can easily notices a low performance when comparing with a native app (windows on in my case).

Many teams now are running on Linux. I really hope to have a native app.


I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t exist already

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I can only join this by saying a Linux app is not a luxury and looking forward to it’s release.