Layers Toolbar that adds functionality, additional features and conveniences for everything you do in Miro.

  • 29 May 2020
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We already sort of have layers, but imagine if you had a toolbar like photoshop where you could see each layer and sort them easily from there. Too many times I’ll add something and it will be on top of everything, then I have to ‘Send Backwards’ but then that puts it at the bottom and have to manually ‘Send Forwards’ everything that needs to be on top of that part.

Essentially, I’d like there to be 2 categories. Groups and layers. We already have Grouping, so that works. But each Group or item that is in Miro would be it’s own layer. You don’t have to right-click the object to send it backwards or forwards, you simply just access the toolbar where you can move it up or down the list, as-well as toggle visibility and maybe opacity because why not. If you have a big project, this could get a little messy but it’s better than nothing. I think something to help the ‘mess’ would be the ability to ‘Merge’ objects. Not just group. Just permanently merge them to reduce the number of layers and clean up anything drawn with the Pen tool.

It sucks that when you draw things with the pen tool, every single line you draw is it’s own separate entity. It creates a huge mess and your project becomes unclickable because there’s so many things trying to compete for priority. You’re basically moving things, sending things backwards and forwards, just so you can click on one thing in the mess of things. Merging and layers would solve this issue because you’d be able to toggle visibility on the things that are in your way. Basically, I’d use the Pen tool a lot more if it didn’t create such a big mess. 

The other thing I was thinking of was being able to lock items to where they don’t become clickable at all. As if they’re background items. So, if you click on it, it doesn’t bring up it’s ‘hitbox’ and the options to unlock it. You’d be able to just click through it. This would be incredible with the Pen tool, among anything you’ve intended to be in the background that you never want to click or move. Putting this option into the Layer toolbar would probably be the best choice. So, if you want to unlock it you’d just click the Lock button on the toolbar instead of having to click on the item itself. 

Miro has the potential to be the greatest thing ever because it’s the only software that I’m aware of that is so powerful, and you can create things in real-time with a friend or group. Accessibility and convenience features like this could open up different avenues of people working on different types of projects. For example, I’m working on a Fantasy Map with a friend and that’s not the softwares intended use, but that’s what makes it so great. It has the potential to be used for anything.

7 replies

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Lack of managing layers is keeping our team from using Miro, and still using LucidChart which has great layer features. When we present diagrams to clients we only want to present certain parts at one time, then ‘show’ layers one by one to client.


Layer features needed:

  • re-order layers
  • layer visibility
  • lock layers
  • rename layers

Same here Jeff.  Miro has the best in class diagram editor, but lack of layers is holding it back.  Groups are not the same as layers, frames are also not the same. We need the ability to drill down into different layers or diagrams, some kind of interactivity.  It is the #1 reason we can’t fully adopt. 

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We desperately need Layers.  We have diffrent types of equipment that we overlay on top of each other, all colorcoded and need the ability to see/hide certain layers.  We can't work without Layers.  We have found that this is a major shortcoming.

This is the thing that keeps me in lucidchart. 

Being able to toggle layers on and off using “buttons” is crucial to highlighting relationships, improved workflows, steps that are being removed from a process, or adding informational pop-up windows with text. 

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This is the thing that keeps me in lucidchart. 

Being able to toggle layers on and off using “buttons” is crucial to highlighting relationships, improved workflows, steps that are being removed from a process, or adding informational pop-up windows with text. 

Miro is so much better than LucidChart in so many ways.  It just desperately needs layers.  We would move all our Lucidcharts over if this had layers!

I just hit a limitation in Miro regarding layers.  I thought I could fake layers using visible/hidden frames but the hidden frame becomes opaque and thus blocks whatever is behind it.  Hidden behind layers, surprisingly, do the same thing to what’s in *front* of them.

My current goal is to build a diagram, layer by layer, and then present the diagram by toggling things on/off.  I can’t see how to do that when elements overlap (which is the whole diagram effectively).

Without layers, it looks like I’ll need to duplicate the elements N times and carefully delete what I don’t want to show on each frame in my presentation.  This will kill productivity if I need to rework anything (which I’m sure I will w/this being a so-called “living document” for our group).


Agree this is critical to creating meaningful artifacts in more than the x- and y-axes. Adding and managing layers would enable us to build more flexible and useful documents over time.