JIRA Cards as Sidebar not Popup, Right click JIRA ticket creation

  • 30 June 2021
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This is my feedback. I’d like to be able to Miro and JIRA together seamlessly and quickly.

JIRA as a Sidebar

I like the idea of interacting with JIRA within Miro, but the popup implementation is impractical in my opinion because when JIRA cards are open I cannot interact with the Miro board.

I’d like to see JIRA as a pinnable sidebar so I can still interact with the board and collaborators, and JIRA seamlessly. My goal is to be able to quickly create JIRA tickets on the fly during meetings. For example:


Right-Click JIRA Tickets

As a feature suggestion, a “1 click” way to turn a sticky note, text area, etc into a JIRA entry would be nifty. Something like this as an example:



Then the following happens:

  • The “Sidebar” JIRA is pre-populated:
    • Summary as first line
    • Other Lines as detail
    • Comments also added to details (unless there’s a way to actually add then as comments).
  • On Create the stick note is replaced with the JIRA card (or linked back in some other way, eg URL link of the note becomes JIRA entry link)

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