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  • 9 September 2021
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This feature request aims to achieve better integration abilities.


There is an already existing feature called embed, allowing to embed miro editable boards or frames into a third party tool. However, this features fails to answer a very important use case.
In order for miro boards to be easily usable within information tools such as notion, jira, gitlab, you name it, we should be able to embed an directly.
The image export feature could back us up, but as it exports a static image, it does not meet the reality of project management, where we constantly adjust our architectures / mind maps / release plans / strategies…

What would be a good feature would be to export a frame to dynamic image link.
We would obtain an url, which when accessed would display an image of the latest state of the frame.
This way, we could integrate miro within our information systems.

A neat addition is to be able to detect when the image is open in a new tab and then to redirect to the editor to the corresponding frame, but that’s just sugar.

Thanks :)


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