increase number of columns and rows in table from 50 to 64 !

  • 11 October 2021
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Columns and rows are limited to 50 ! It’s just not enough if you want to use table for the 52, even sometimes 53 weeks in a year.  So, it’s why I suggest to increase this boundaries to 64 ! Why 64 ? It’s just because of my background as developper… 



1 reply

I use Miro to build schedules into the future for multiple years with one column per week. I need this to cover at least 3 years, 156 columns to cover the weeks + a few columns for administrative functions. So my need is 256 if we’re using base-2.

Our current workaround of stacking multiple tables side-by-side is really not scalable because adjusting row height in 1 table is not done for the next table to the right.