Improvement of Teams Sidebar

  • 13 January 2022
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As a professional service firm we use the enteprise version with multiple teams. Each team is used for one customer with multiple projects. Thats realy good and helps us to seperate contexts! We already have like 30 different teams and number is rising. Is there any chance, that the left-side teams bar can be displayed as list without this big icons? It's really horrible to search the customer/team context. Even there is no "search" box.

So my suggestions are:

  • the option to switch between icons and a list-like view
  • a set of easily recognisable icons to choose from
  • a search bar to quickly find teams.

3 replies

Argh, nei, this was not the whish-list … no chance to move … no duplicates :) sorry

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@Frank Szilinski -

Please review the wish list idea guidelines here and add it. You can then request to have this thread deleted.

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@Frank Szilinski - I have moved this post to the Wish List category. Vote away! :thumbsup: