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I’ve been using MindNode for a long time and have lots of mind map templates, and mindmaps that I’m using. It would be great to be able to import these into Miro.

Is that possible?


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+1 for mind maps import feature

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I know this doesn’t address the importing feature discussed on this thread but here is my solution for exporting Miro Mindmaps to heirarchy structure in CSV

Would it be worth including other formats rather than CSV? (I’ve submitted it to Miro Marketplace so hopefully will be available soon)

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would be great to import my Xmind mindmaps and start using mindmaps in Miro

Until this feature is added, I cannot justify migrating to this platform.

It has been over a year since this was requested in this thread. 

Is this a priority for MIRO?

Yes. Agreed. Not being able to import and export to and from other mind mapping software is a MAJOR drawback and probably a deal killer.

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(I forgot to include Tab delimited text above, but @Oskar Nendes shows that clearly)

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At present, I think that Miro prioritises import over export and, as a consequence, starts to get a bit like Vegas (“Whatever happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas!”).

This is great for encouraging us to spend more time in Miro, and I’m happy to do so, but, eventually, all this collective brilliance that Miro makes possible has to go out into the world without carefully typing it all out from a giant PDF, or puzzling over the excel sheet generated by other export options.

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Just popping in again to show I am still keen on this line of discussion.


Echoing others above (incl. myself),

  • exporting a mindmap in a way that show its hierarchy is crucial.
    I use Freeplane (a variant of Freemind) on desktop, but mostly MundMup online because a bunch of us can get together and map out something together and/or asynchronously
  • even the simplest form of representation would be enough for me to use as an export, as long as the hierarchy is recorded.
  • For example:

    as CSV could look like this:












    … as Markup, it would be:


    # Mother

    ## me

    ### daughter

    ## brother

    ### neice

    ## sister

    ### nephew

    # Aunty

    ## cousin


    OPML would be more complex but not too hard …

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><opml version="1.0">
    <outline text="grandma">
    <outline text="Mother">
    <outline text="me">
    <outline text="daughter"/>
    <outline text="brother">
    <outline text="neice"/>
    <outline text="sister">
    <outline text="nephew"/>
    <outline text="Aunty">
    <outline text="cousin"/>

    I won’t go on to show what a .mm file is like because it will be 100 lines of .xml tags that could help reproduce the styles and colours of nodes and lines. Importing that would be very cool, but no longer low-hanging fruit for the Miro devs.

May be a very useful feature, even if for importing just a tabulation-separated mind map format such as:

main topic



secondary topics

<tab>other things

Miro guys, imports are critical part for your platform growth strategy.

I think you should check growth strategies and then reconsider development priorities.

Now Miro enables Notion users to visualize Miro’s tables within the App! Personally, in Notion, I have several Parent-Child relationships within a same table, and an update that enabled to visualize such relationships graphically in a graph/Tree manner would be mind-blowing!

MindJet Mindmapper here.

OPML should be an easy implementation and one that will certainly increase adoption and retention of your tool.

Until this obstacle is removed, I’m sticking with what I have already and recommending the same to my colleagues.

+1 for import from MindNode. I didn’t realize Miro supported mind maps. My company uses Miro. I really, really don’t want to recreate my entire year-long road map of thoughts from scratch!

Even if it was a low level import and I needed to reorganize the branches, that would be helpful.

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No OPML no party 😉

As extreme mind map user, I really need to import and export not only images of the mind map, but also OPML and lists so that I can copy/paste in text editors.

Without this important feature, Miro is a no-mind map App for me

It’s a big setback that can’t import my mindmaps, I’ve tons of it. impossible to recreate all of that


actually, more dangerous not being able to export.


please work on that asap


keep it up

So true! In fact: being able to import /export is one feature that might make Miro way more appealing to whoever is in need or has been using these platforms to work. Building maps is time-consuming and whichever tool makes it easier and simpler to move across platforms its likely to be the one people will stick with.

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Freemind / Freeplane .mm format would be great, but really - a hierarchy/tree import/export would be a good start. OPML is one option. Some generic json, xml or even a tree in a simple tab delimited / csv format.

But of course, to get value - freemind / freeplane .mm would be great, or opml possibly.

Hi @Marina , any news to support importing/exporting mindmaps between MindNode? This would be a hugely important integration for my work. Or another option that you would bring the best features from MindNode available to Miro as well.

I’m a MindNode user and I’d like to import my maps as well

Another MindNode user here with tons of maps I’d like to import. OPML import/export should be relatively straightforward.

As a first step it could be sufficient to import /copy-paste from Excel to generate a mindmap. For now I can only generate a set of postits. If I could select a target format (mind map) that would be cool.

Import using a structured CSV format for journeys, service blueprints, mindmaps, etc. should be relatively straight-forward. As far as I can tell the diagrams are drawn using a relationship-graph internally. So that structured data should be importable in some form. 

The key request of all the notes above is to have a structured format that can be populated externally and imported into Miro for those diagrams to be generated. 

Is there no way for Miro to support this or even have it on the roadmap?

This is important not only for importing from other tools, but also for programmatically drawing Miro diagrams perhaps via the API calls.

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@Marina & @Curtis James & @Rick Austin & @Dan York & @WebSavvy & @ng110 & @swensonia & @VioF & @Amateur66 & @torsten & @Mahmoud Darweash  & @Xavi & @Andy Pearce & @Sharath Bennur & @Cliff Hume ' & @Joeri Bruneel & @Rodney Berry 

I’d like to add my voice to the requests for importing features that all us to bring work created on other platforms (mindmeister, xmind, Mindomo) onto your platform. thanks for listening

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@Marina & @Curtis James & @Rick Austin & @Dan York & @WebSavvy & @ng110 & @swensonia & @VioF & @Amateur66 & @torsten & @Mahmoud Darweash  & @Xavi & @Andy Pearce & @Sharath Bennur & @Cliff Hume ' & @Joeri Bruneel & @Rodney Berry 


I hate it to say but iMindMap has changed into Ayoa - it’s moved from an offlinetool to a totally oriented onlineplatform.

The MindMapping features are a … not so flexible as it was in iMindMap but a lot better than miros MindMapping features. Therefore i never moved from iMindMap to Ayoa but if you get an App for miro just like unsplash or the iconfinder it would be great:

An app for:

  • Mindmeister
  • iMindMap
  • MindManager
  • Mindomo
  • Ayoa
  • MindNode
  • FreeMind
  • XMind
  • OPML
  • TheBrain
  • … your MindMapping-Tool

Please mironeers make this happen




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Use cases:

  1. making a hierarchical mind map that will become a document. Export as word document outline
  2. import from other mind map tools using standard formats
  3. export to other formats (especially important if Miro gets bought or eaten, or otherwise vanishes from the internet) We have all been burned repeatedly. I have several maps that have been imported then exported as various tools appear and disappear.
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Echoing what others have said. I’m almost broken-hearted by Miro’s inability to bring in or send out a hierarchical set-up like a mind map. collaborative mind-maps are a great way to make  a document, so exporting an outline for a word processor would be brilliant. A lot of standard features in mind map tools need to find their way in to Miro, or you need an API that can let us fill in the gaps..