Highligthing past due dates

  • 6 August 2020
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Hi there!!

Wouldn’t be great if a card (in a Kanban framework, for instance) with a due date past could be automatically highlighted by the system? Or if an alert will pop-up to show a card is in its due date, or past it?


3 replies

Hello guys !!  I am currently using the Kanban framework. This way, I have well organized the projects that I am developing. However, I consider very helpful to add a reminder date in the Kanban Framework and then send a message to my email. Therefore, if I set an activity with a date , for example, 20th November, I would like to receive an alert to my email in which remind me that I set a date for that activity. 

I hope that you can develop this tool.

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@Simon.Harris -

There is a definite decision point coming up for the Miro product management team soon when it comes to features such as work boards, mind maps and others where most users of third-party standalone products would expect greater richness.

Tighter integration with best-of-breed solutions might be a better answer than reinventing the wheel IMHO…


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Hi -

I agree some limited date awareness could be useful :)

I’d guess the backlog  grooming process will ask “at what point does miro become trello/ teams/ jiar/ confluence/ etc ?” 

is the integration to trello(etc) missing something ?