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  • 21 April 2020
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When I work on texts (from pdf, or screenshots, or web pages imported into my Miro board), I would like to be able to highlight, on the fly, words or phrases. It would be enough to be able to set the transparency of the drawings made with the pen, as it is already possible with shapes, so this feature seems easy to implement. And it would really be very efficient, especially for commenting live texts to students, as it is my case.

5 replies

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Great idea @Fabrice Gallet - having an opaqueness scale for the pen tool would make it a lot easier to collaboratively review shared content!

Agreed - this is needed for EDU environments.  What would be great is to have a floating pen tool that would have some user configured pen types like 8.  So they can have 4 colors and 4 highlighters with a default size color / opacity.

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I guess you did/ do use a shape as a highlighter?
Bit clunky but create a shape
Set fill to semi-transparent
A double click will redraw it (if your pointer isn’t on a shape)
So (slightly better) Copy then place the mouse pointer where you want it and <ctrl-v>

Group with your page of text

I create a small heap pf them so when I’ve done something else and the highlight isn’t in the clipboard or isnt the last shape used its slightly better

A big upvote for this. It’s the one surprisingly missing feature, among so many other great tools. I find I’m wanting it everyday in design work, design sprints, highlighting UI, or issues or drawing attention to things whilst working collaboratively from my iPad.

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...just keeping this one on the radar…