Hide and reveal elements at different zoom levels

  • 2 October 2021
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Sometimes I’m creating complicated diagrams or infographics that span many systems. In many cases I want to be able to effectively present the full diagram in a zoomed out state, then zoom in on a specific region where I have a lot of much smaller, more detailed content related to that specific area on my board. 


The problem arises when a lot of small, unreadable content becomes visually distracting when you are zoomed out at the overall system-level. It’s still there, taking up space, but serving only to deter focus from the elements you’re actually talking about.


My suggestion would be to have a frame-level option to hide content at a certain threshold of zoom-out. You could even add some kind of little indicators that show there’s “deeper” content there if you zoom in, rather than show the content itself. Figuring out the right threshold for each component will be tricky, but I think it’s doable. Some things (like images with embedded text) will probably never be perfect, but that’s probably manageable by the set of creators who would be using this feature.


Am I on an island? Anyone else out there who would use this? Is it actually already possible and I’m off my rocker?




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