Guests only if owner is in the session

  • 27 April 2020
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Should be interesting to grant access to guest only when owner is in the place. Best way to secure information.

Just for the context, I use Miro to work on software product. Not only Ux workshop :).

3 replies

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Hi Xavier, 
thanks for sharing your idea. Could you describe what is the use-case in which you would use such a feature?

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Hello Timm,

I’m working in an industrial company. I use Miro to collaborate and manage product backlogs with the dev team (scrum). For that I used the User Story Mapping framework, Kanban and retro mix with JIRA Card which is pretty awesome.

On Product Backlog Refinement I like to work with all the development team. But all of them don’t need to be part of the Miro team because they collaborate punctually (and I don’t want to pay for them). So I want to be able to share a board only to some people in editing mode and without adding them to my team. Also public links are too weak in term of security (who know who will be able to look at your board ?).

I’m sure there is multiple way to do that :

  • Creating a trusted network : possibility to create list of emails (networks) and then give the possibility to share a board to one of multiple network. Like this I could be able to create different type of network regrouping different stakeholders depending on a release or project.
  • Session management : Using the public link in edition mode to create a session. A session could be define in time (with a starting and end date and hour), or may be restricted by the presence of the owner of the session. If someone connect himself to the session before, he will be in add in virtual lounge waiting for the owner to give him access to the board. Of course no possibility for a guest to connect after. 
  • Using my team domain : I’m using domain restriction for my team. Why this one is not extended to my public link if I want to ?

So there are multiple possibilities to deal with my issue and I talk about three different way to do so. I hope you have all elements you need to deal with.

Have a good day.


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Of course it could be also possible to mix all my proposition together. All of them are different features.