Grid function in a frame also for frames and cards.

  • 21 March 2020
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I’m a film editor and I just started playing around with Miro. So far I am amazed how light and flexible it feels. I could imagine using it to visualise a feature film - a board with still frames and scene description for each scene. In the past I used that kind of a board with printed pictures in the analogue world or with trello in the digital world. But Miro feels more flexible and elegant for that. Walter Murch is a great example how he uses that kind of boards:

I played around with the different options and I think the best way to archive that in Miro is to use a picture from the still and a card for the scene description. Then use both inside a frame, that i can colorcode and group everything. In the end I have around 150 frames for each scene and I would use them in a frame for the whole movie. 

Now, it would be great if I could use the Grid Function of the frame, so if I switch scene 143 with scene 25 or delete scene 36, all other cards automatically move in the right place and I don’t need to manually move everything around everything.

I think the Grid Function is only possible with individual stickies and cards but not for frames inside frames and not for grouped objects.

I guess my feature request would be to make that grid function also available for frames inside frames. 

Another way would be to add pictures to a card but I think the use of frames is way more flexible because I can attach different objects to it and group them.

Or is there any other workaround that I don’t know yet?

Best regards!

1 reply

What an interesting use case, @Marty S.:clapper:

I’ve remembered of @ArkyBoy who is plotting out a novel in Miro with the help of the Customer Journey template :blush:

Marty, you are right that you can enable the grid feature only for the objects inside the frame. It doesn’t work for frames within a frame. I will share your wish with the team :wink:


Just in case you don’t know yet, you can select several frames and move them together and not one by one.