Google Translate integration

  • 11 July 2020
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This is probably not a common use-case, but anyhow, here it goes: I currently have a board in Swedish that needs to be translated to English. My current workflow is to copy the text from one element into Google Translate, then copy the translated text back into Miro. For this board it’s fine, but for larger boards it could get very time consuming. Since Miro seem poised to integrate with all other apps, which is awesome, maybe a Google Translate integration could be relevant as well?

7 replies

I like this idea. I definitely want to use this feature in Miro.

I work with global coalitions of organizations who speak multiple languages. Currently the dominant language spoken is English, which ends up dominating the process and blocking out those who don’t speak it. It would be an amazing inclusivity feature to have a google translate integration that can translate boards in real-time for different users. E.g. “Select your language”. I imagine this would be difficult to implement, but maybe there’s a way to have a translation feature that can be occasionally refreshed... 

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YES!  An integration with Google Translate would be a gamechanger.  I also work with multilingual groups and this would be incredibly helpful.

Absolutely! Same here! 


Found this after searching how to translate Miro boards. Work for a chinese company and need to translate. The microsoft translation integration in Outlook, Word and Powerpoint is amazing and a good reference. My translator decided to re-train after seeing it as she realised her future as a translator was under threat.

Yes, please!  :grinning:

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Hi guys, looking for the translation feature, any update on this?