Google Spreadsheet: Make it possible to lock the current page, save selected page, don't restart to page 1 on every load.

  • 12 August 2021
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Hi Miro Team!
It’s now possible to click through pages of an imported spreadsheet, but the selected page seem to not save and not lock, I wanted to integrate different pages of my spreadsheet as different graphs around the board but I can’t because after every reload all of them reset to the 1st page.

Extracting pages doesn’t help as extracted pages don’t seem to ever refresh.
Integrating graphs as “published images” fails, Miro seems to be unable to recognize it as an image I guess.

iframe integration requries manual “play” clicking to see content, so it’s not an option either.

The only workaround I can see now is to extract all graphs and charts to separate spreadsheets and integrate all of them separate into the miro-board but it’ll take AGES and will be hard to maintain.

Any ideas what I could do in meantime? :)


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