Frames Color's move to back

  • 5 October 2020
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I would like to change the color of a frame and move it to back or move it forward. I would like the control of having text and graphics laying on top of a frame while having a large colored graphic behind the frame. Currently I am busy with lots of workarounds making the frame white with a back ground color.

6 replies

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I’ve been using this workaround:

  • Make a rectangle shape, remove stroke and choose fill colour
  • Send to back
  • Lock the shape

This isn’t a perfect process, because when you build content on top of it, you can’t use the “send to back” feature anymore, since this will put the object underneath the coloured shape, so you’d have to unlock that one, send it to back again, and re-lock. Very annoying. 

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@Kim Roth Howe @Anna Campbell @Marne Maykowskyj 

I need this feature.

Specifically, adding large graphics to the background and lock behind frames that hold content above it.

How can we leverage our voices to elevate this wish into a reality? Any ideas?

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Yes!! That’s exactly what I want to do! 
I try to think of WHY the frames would always fall to the back, but it makes no sense to me. 

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This issue has finally been resolved! I discovered today that I can change the fill color of my frames, but I haven’t seen anything in the changelog about it yet. 

Very exciting!

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@Anna Campbell I think this has been possible for some time now. I have been able to change background colors of frames since I started using Miro.

Still the issue persists that I’m looking to resolve, which is being able to layer a large thematic graphic behind the layers, so that I can still select and operate on the layers without having to move away the graphic. Move to Back doesn’t work for graphics to go behind frames.

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It would be great if the frame color also had a transparency scale, just like boxes and text boxes … that way I could avoid super glare bright colors in the background.