Frame scaling, presentation mode and Prezi-like zooming

  • 23 March 2021
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I work in the software architecture space and creating large-scale structural maps which can expose successive layers of information when desired is very valuable. Historically, I’ve used Prezi for this purpose to great effect, but since we’ve adopted Miro more broadly, I’d prefer to stay within that toolset for ease of collaboration.

However, Miro isn’t quite capable of recreating the information structure and navigation I can readily achieve with Prezi. The primary missing piece is zoomable frames.

Frames in Miro are great as a way to structure a walk-through of a large board. However, it would be really useful if each frame was able to set its own relative coordinate system and in particular, set a scale for the frame content. This would allow a Prezi-like experience for drilling down into portions of the board. Importantly, this allows me to keep the details proximate to the summary view rather than scattered across the landscape.

Basically, Miro currently gives me horizontal and vertical axis for laying out my content: what I’d like is a depth axis as well.

Please consider!

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