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I wish there was a way to perform a “replace all” on text, within the document so that if I create a template, I can easily update all the text within by using placeholders (i.e. find and replace all instances of “<Client>” with the client name).

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Why doesn't anyone from Miro state something about this? It is just questions and no answers.

It seems they only added the ‘Search’ option? But not the ‘Search & Replace’ yet??

I just ‘searched’ for a word I used and need to replace on my board..  let me tell you: it’s a LONG list.

Please please @Miro Community Bot  can some of your developers please look into this asap?

It would really save us a LOT of time.

It’s been a year since the first person raised this as a problem. Please don’t let us wait any longer! 

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Bump this up please +2

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+1 need this too. Would save me a lot of work while preparing an documentation i used earlier and want to reuse (a copy of it) for the next session.

Miro is a waste of my time

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I am looking for this feature an I am surprised it is it not available! 
The user should have option to globally replace or cycle through each occurance.

The specific use case I have is to set up a Program Board for next Product Increment. ie to help with changes for:

     - sprint number/name

     - start/end dates of the sprint

     - etc.

Having find/replace would save a lot of time! 

An alternative is to export the Miro board (ie content including structure, grouping, properties - colour,font, etc) to JSON. There should be a facility to import a JSON file - this would reconstruct a new board.

Just needed this feature and unfortunately it is not there. Sadly situations like this are happening often with miro:( One upvote from me!

hiya any updates on this, would love this for my project work!

+1 upvote here! Duplicating workshop pages for participants and if anything needs to be reworded or updated then I’ve got to unlock everything delete it all and copy it again. Super time intensive if you don’t get everything right first time - and then means you can’t iteratively update if things change.


Pleeeeeeeeeeease :)

How is this not implemented yet? 

Also, maybe if we could download the whole page into a CSV file, modify the problems and the reupload?