F2 to edit item text

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Seems like a critical missing hotkey. Double-clicking all the time is frustrating and moves hands off keyboard.

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@Stuart -

The Enter key also works for selected shapes to edit their text…


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Thanks, that helps, but what I’m looking for is a way to edit with all text selected as well. The use case I’m considering is Alt+Drag to duplicate a shape, then I want to enter an edit mode with all text selected so I can just start typing to replace its contents.

I can do the Alt+Drag, Enter, Ctrl-A, type approach, I just put a high premium on every click/keypress when evaluating a UX.

Keyboard shortcuts in general are lacking.

In Windows F2 is the standard ‘enter edit mode’ key. I’m new to Miro but I assume that the underlying object API receives events, edit should be a standard one.

Ideally I should be able to do as much work without the mouse as possible

I’m a newbie as well - was surprised at lack of F2, but more surprised that when I double click on text, it does open the text box for editing, but changes the view, and zooms out very far so that text is small (not maintaining the selected view. Am I doing something wrong?