Extract New Board from Selection

  • 5 September 2020
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It would be awesome if we could select a bunch of elements on a Miro board, and move these into a new board. Prompt the user with a confirmation dialog and get them to enter a new board name first.

Ideally the elements that have been moved out of the original board will be replaced with a link to the new board, and vice-versa (a hyperlink element is created on top of the moved content)

4 replies

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no so hard to do in a few steps

  1. Shift drag - too select required elements
  2. <Ctrl-x> - to move selection to clipboard
    ( & use <Ctrl-C> if duplicating on new -or current- boards)
  3. Create new board
  4. <Ctrl-v> - to place clipboard content on new board
  5. Maybe group ? items will be selected so its easy or maybe add a frame
  6. <right-click  link to> for whatever you want to make the target
  7. return to first board - select or add what you want  to be source of the link
  8. <Right click - link to> or use <Ctrl-K>
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I was thinking more along the lines of what automation could bring the product. Reducing the barriers to using the full potential of the tool. No doubt the steps you outline will do the job. From my experience, it’s easier to nudge the users into effective workflows if the path of resistance is low. It would encourage separate boards to become interconnected.

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Mindmeister has a similar feature that turns a mindmap node into another document and provides two way links. I believe it’s their create as map feature:

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have you looked at the developer capabilities?

Maybe write your own :)

On mindmaps I think  miro is ‘off the pace’ at present - too many restrictions non attributes of shape

On facilities when does bloat start & end? when performance decreases i guess