Export transparent PNG's

  • 2 September 2020
  • 4 replies

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It would be great to be able to export frames as transparent PNG’s (if the background is set to transparent), instead of JPG’s.

4 replies

I can’t believe a graphical product like this does not export PNG. Computer generated graphics are an exact science, pixel by pixel, high frequency data. PNG is non destructive and can be used for crisp presentations without smudging pixels all over the place. JPG is for photos, nothing else. How could they miss that?

Am also baffled a little about how the sizes are set on the frames. 

I get that it’s vectors, but what domain calls a ~5000px wide image “medium”?

Definitely need this, often have trouble exporting the JPEG’s because the background color is slightly off my presentation or I need to ask designers to recreate image in applications that do support transparent backgrounds...

Can’t believe this is not a feature already. The JPEG export is good but if I need the graphic on anything with a non-white background I’m always tinkering with colors since they don’t perfectly match up with the export. Using a color matching background with a JPEG shouldn’t even be a problem I’d still have to face in 2020.