Export PDF - Option to Convert Miro Links to Same Board as PDF links

  • 29 October 2021
  • 1 reply

It would sure be nice on export to have an advanced option where I could convert links that point to other assets on the same MIRO board to be converted from hyperlink references to cloud redirects instead to jump-to the other areas within the PDF itself. I get why links to other boards or external sites make sense to launch the browser, but when creating hyperlinks to sub-flows on the same board, it would be nice to keep people in their PDF.

1 reply

Same here. Every now and then, we create “self-contained” boards with local links between elements of the respective board. We want to render PDF as a handout or for documentation purposes. Therein, the external links that open a browser window and prompt the viewer to enter a passwort are quite confusing for readers of those PDFs. The reader of a PDF doesn’t necessarily have access to the Miro board. So, for her, that’s quite a bad UX.

Hence, I’d love to see such an export option to translate board-local links into links within the resulting PDF file.