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PDF exports are currently missing a table of content (TOC). There is nothing that tells me what is on a single page of the PDF. Since every page corresponds to a frame anyway, frame titles should be exported as TOC elements.

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I agree - a PDF should have the Frame title on each page and then generate a TOC as well - currently that information is lost when exporting to PDF.

I really need this!

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Hi, I’m using Miro in an education context in the field of Design.  We are using a large board as a community pin up space - like a virtual studio between different sections in a large course.

I plan to periodically export the board as a record of the student performance and in anticipation of this have created many frames each with the student’s name and assignment number.

However, when the pdf is exported the student name (frame name) is earned as a data point and thus it will make my life much more difficult than it needs to be if I want to use the Miro export for anything in the future.

It would be great if the frame name could be exported to the pdf one way or another, either visually on each pdf page or as a page name or something.

I also really need this :) Now I'm using two titles; the frame title and a title in a text box, because the text box I need for export and the frame title is helpfull zooming in and out. 

The frame title is nowhere in the exported PDF.

This is a huge downside of doing a PDF export at all.


Can you fix this?

Adding a +1 to this thread. This enhancement is really needed.